Atmospheric decoration

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Emotional design of the event.

Emotions are the key to the heart of every client. Our florists and decorators create emotional spaces for various tasks. This is not just a fashionable interior design, but a thoughtful concept of events that produces a stunning effect on a person.

We can offer You:

1. Emotional space design is a transformation of premises, thematic design:

  • cafe
  • office
  • hotel rooms
  • meditation rooms
  • shop windows

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Using landscaping, thematic trend decor and creative ideas.

2. New Year's offer:

  • design of the Christmas tree
  • new Year's decoration of the space of a cafe, hotel, house, shop
  • children's Christmas tree
  • stylish decoration of the festive table
  • christmas gift compositions
  • design of corporate gifts

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3. Event design:

  • wedding
  • anniversary
  • children's holiday
  • parties

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