Professional scriptwriters, directors, graphic designers, VFX designers and actors work on the organization of any of our events. This allows us to achieve a qualitatively new level of event organization, which helps customers to feel the whole palette of emotions.

When our desires and dreams come true, life becomes brighter and meaningful.
How long have you seen sincere joy in the eyes of your parents? Maybe you just don't have time to come to them for a holiday, or you live in another city or country. We have a solution! You can use our "Extraordinary Gift" program and make your beloved relative happy.
Love and care have no boundaries and strive to connect loved ones even at a distance. Very often, being far from each other, in different cities, and even countries, we sincerely want to give our relatives a piece of warmth, to cause smiles of joy and genuine happiness on their faces.
How exciting sometimes can it be to find yourself in an extreme situation and experience the whole palette of emotions from chilling horror to the highest elevation of happiness that everything ended well. Arriving at the recreation center, an unsuspecting group of guests will gather in a cozy banquet hall, where tables will already be set for them.
Probably, everyone at least once in his life dreamed of becoming an actor and participating in the process of making a film. Thanks to the «Cinema for the People tour», you have a unique opportunity to make your dream come true and, together with a professional film crew, shoot your own cinematic masterpiece.
You are tired of the vulgarity and rudeness of modern life? Would you like to change the situation and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of poetry and beauty of the Silver Age? Then you should definitely book a Silver Age tour.
Do you like English or do you have English-speaking employees in your company that you would like to please? Choose the "Weekend" program and you will spend your time pleasantly and usefully. What awaits you? Of course, English is the language our actors will joke in, communicate, sing songs and conduct a performance. You will also get acquainted with the customs of the United Kingdom, its amazing history, cultural traditions, various sports games.
Every girl dreams of her only prince who will win her heart and make her the happiest for life. And every young man dreams of that one beautiful princess who will give him love and inspiration. When their hearts unite and the long-awaited "Yes" sounds, another star will light up in heaven, and a new happy union of two loving hearts will appear on earth.
Since the time of Peter I, the history of Imperial weddings begins, which delight with their brilliance and luxury to this day. Solemn balls, with live music in gilded halls with high ceilings, ladies in sophisticated dresses, gentlemen in embroidered velvet jackets and wigs....
4 000 000
Would you like to become the heroes of a cinematic masterpiece, to be the center of attention of all your relatives and friends, to see your love story on the big screen of the cinema? We have created a wedding scenario that will take you to the dream factory and help your dream to become true.
Do you have a family day off, and you don't know how to make a vacation unexpected and enjoyable for each family member? Everything is simple. Together with professional screenwriters and actors from our team, you will be able to arrange a super weekend.
With the help of our script, you can find yourself in one place on a weekend or after work, and a romantic atmosphere will melt the heart of your beloved.
Когда исполняются наши желания и мечты, жизнь становится ярче и приобретает смысл.
Если во время деловой беседы случится из ряда вон выходящая ситуация, вам ничего не останется, кроме как выйти на новый уровень общения.
If the theater starts with a hanger, then the deal starts from the road to a business meeting. What if your partner starts to be surprised and tune in to a positive outcome already on the way to you? We will make sure that instead of a classic luxury taxi, a business person gets to meet you in the most unusual way.
The site presents only a part of the already implemented programs. We can develop an individual scenario for your event or trip. Just imagine: for 12/24 hours your life will change dramatically. You will completely switch roles with another person, finding yourself in a previously unknown place and circumstances.