Our specialization is the creation of themed wedding celebrations. We create not just a wedding, but a whole universe with a plot, various unexpected twists, work with details that evoke vivid emotions, introduce actors who act out various scenes and make every moment of the wedding interesting and memorable.

Every girl dreams of her only prince who will win her heart and make her the happiest for life. And every young man dreams of that one beautiful princess who will give him love and inspiration. When their hearts unite and the long-awaited "Yes" sounds, another star will light up in heaven, and a new happy union of two loving hearts will appear on earth.
Since the time of Peter I, the history of Imperial weddings begins, which delight with their brilliance and luxury to this day. Solemn balls, with live music in gilded halls with high ceilings, ladies in sophisticated dresses, gentlemen in embroidered velvet jackets and wigs....
4 000 000
Would you like to become the heroes of a cinematic masterpiece, to be the center of attention of all your relatives and friends, to see your love story on the big screen of the cinema? We have created a wedding scenario that will take you to the dream factory and help your dream to become true.