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A wonderful route

Когда исполняются наши желания и мечты, жизнь становится ярче и приобретает смысл.
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How to please your wife or husband when you see that the routine absorbs your loved one? The child does not want to go to kindergarten, and the road takes too much effort? You can create a great mood and arrange a surprise on the way to work or to the kindergarten. Our screenwriters and actors will make the daily route full of surprises and sudden things, and relatives will be impressed by a funny or romantic quest for a long time. Imagine that right at home your loved one can be met by a sophisticated sleigh with three horses, and not just take you to work, but with musical accompaniment and favorite guitar songs. And the characters from your favorite movie or cartoon can arrange a real trip to the garden with noisy games and fun tasks. Our imagination is unlimited, and we will arrange a route personally for your loved ones.

Price: 4000 AED
We work all over the world and we are based in Russia and the United Arab Emirates.
Contact us via chat, social networks and by phone:
UAE, Dubai, Sharjah: +971-501-269-418
Russia, Moscow: 8 (495) 745-54-54
Russia, St. Petersburg: 8 (812) 600-51-01
E-mail: orger@igra-tour.ru

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