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Corporate parties

The "Game Project" offers a new look at the organization of corporate recreation.  A feature of the scenarios is the creation of real life situations that allow you to evoke bright, strong emotions in the company's employees, thanks to the effect of surprise and the participation of professional actors.

How exciting sometimes can it be to find yourself in an extreme situation and experience the whole palette of emotions from chilling horror to the highest elevation of happiness that everything ended well. Arriving at the recreation center, an unsuspecting group of guests will gather in a cozy banquet hall, where tables will already be set for them.
Probably, everyone at least once in his life dreamed of becoming an actor and participating in the process of making a film. Thanks to the «Cinema for the People tour», you have a unique opportunity to make your dream come true and, together with a professional film crew, shoot your own cinematic masterpiece.
You are tired of the vulgarity and rudeness of modern life? Would you like to change the situation and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of poetry and beauty of the Silver Age? Then you should definitely book a Silver Age tour.
Do you like English or do you have English-speaking employees in your company that you would like to please? Choose the "Weekend" program and you will spend your time pleasantly and usefully. What awaits you? Of course, English is the language our actors will joke in, communicate, sing songs and conduct a performance. You will also get acquainted with the customs of the United Kingdom, its amazing history, cultural traditions, various sports games.